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T r i l o g y  E n s e m b l e

Trilogy Ensemble is a flute, viola and harp trio founded in 2019 by three musicians and chamber music lovers - Amy-Jayne, Bethan and Henrietta.

Trilogy’s debut concert in North Yorkshire, supported by the Ryedale Festival, brought excitement and vibrancy to the Wolds. With fresh and imaginative ideas, their repertoire contains many original arrangements, new compositions and the classic trio works.  In collaboration with their performance, of Submerged by Miguel Aguila, a visual video art was created to portray the beauty and darkness of the sea in contrast to the vast amount of plastic waste being polluted into the world’s tropical paradises. Since this local launch in 2019, for every concert, Trilogy creates a memorable and exhilarating experience for their audiences.


As professional award-winning musicians, they have the vision and ambition to innovatively push the boundaries and adopt audience-lead programming. We understand audiences’ love for experiencing the music they know and love. We often provide a small twist to enhance this enjoyment, often in commissioned visual art or to our well-known local audiences - by introducing works they may not of encountered but that we believe they’ll enjoy and will enhance their love of music. Trilogy Ensemble love getting to know their audiences and actively encourage them to write to the ensemble with their programme ideas and wishes. They encourage repeat performances in the same season for local communities, so communities can request music and favourites they want to experience for their tailor-made return visit!

For more information on the ensemble and to keep up to date with events please visit the Trilogy social media channels.

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